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Monoclonal Antibodies: Tag antibodies and Control antibodies

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Tag and Control antibodies:

Catalog # Product Price (US $) Datasheet
P-213 Anti-GAPDH mAb $170/0.1mg
P-218 Anti-b-actin mAb (Mouse) $170/0.1mg
P-288 Anti-b-actin pAb (Rabbit) $350/0.2mg
P-292 Anti-b-Tubulin pAb (Rabbit) $350/0.2mg

P-212 Anti-RFP mAb $170/0.1mg
P-214 Anti-GFP mAb $170/0.1mg
P-215 Anti-YFP mAb $170/0.1mg
P-217 Anti-CFP mAb $170/0.1mg

P-205 Anti-His Tag mAb $170/0.1mg
P-236 Anti-His Tag pAb (Rabbit) $350/0.2mg
P-225 Anti-His Tag pAb, HRP labeled (Rabbit) $399/0.1 mg
P-206 Anti-HA Tag mAb $170/0.1mg
P-226 Anti-HA Tag pAb (Rabbit) $350/0.2mg
P-227 Anti-HA Tag pAb, HRP labeled (Rabbit) $399//0.1 mg
P-207 Anti-Myc Tag mAb $170/0.1mg
P-208 Anti-GST Tag mAb $170/0.1mg
P-228 Anti-GST Tag pAb (Rabbit) $350/0.2mg
P-209 Anti-V5 Tag mAb $170/0.1mg
P-210 Anti-DYKDDDK (F tag) Tag mAb $170/0.1mg
P-229 Anti-DYKDDDK (F tag) Tag pAb (Rabbit) $350/0.2mg
P-231 Anti-DYKDDDDK, HRP labeled (Rabbit) $399/0.1 mg
P-232 Anti-DYKDDDDK, FITC labeled(Rabbit) $399/0.1 mg
P-1310 His - tag antibpdy, Agarose conjugted $1199/12mg/1 ml  
P-1305 HA - tag antibody, Agarose conjugated  $1199/12mg/1 ml  

Antibodies for Lipid/Lipo Protein Metabolism Research:

Catalog # Product Price (US $) Datasheet
Mab-P30100 Anti-ABC A1 (ATP binding cassette A1 protein) $395/0.2mg
Mab-P31300 Anti-LPL mAb $395/0.2mg
Mab-P31800 Anti-SCD-1 mAb $395/0.2mg
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