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COVID-19 Virus Quick Test Kit

New !                                        

  Cat#:  0211     checking if you gave protection from COVID-19 vaccine. 

                          Neutralizing antibody testing

                       Only 15 minutes testing time

                      Easy to use

                      At $5/test

  Cat#:  0615   COVID-19 virus antigen test  $5/test    

       The kit shall be used in conjunction with applicable instruments for in vitro qualitative detection

       of the Sars-CoV-2 virus in human respiratory tract secretion.   Great quality !

  • CE registration  with reader to get accurate result;
  • 15 minute  get testing result;
  • Rasy to using swab samples;


Lateral flow cassette Reader        $1700/ piece    Cat#:  EQ 0615 

     CE registration; easy to use; reasonable cost;


 DNA / RNA Transfectant.             $ 299 / 5ml       Cat #: DRC-10180   first order free !

    1, Large-scale deliver DNA, RNA into wide range of cells;

    2, Almost all kinds of culture cells from suspension culture to adherent cell culture;

    3, Easy 30 minute protocol;high cell viability, minimal cellular toxicity

    4, Wide range of culture medium compatible, serum compatible;

   5, Easy scaled up;

   6, Components from non-animal sources.


 Drug Delivery Lipid.                $99 / 5ml                Cat#:  DDL-0201  First order free!  

   Improving the solubility of poorly soluble drugs, promoting the absorption of drugs, and

   increasing the bioavailability of drugs.

   Good for fat-soluble, water-soluble, alcohol-soluble, cytotoxic drug delivery

   Low/ No  cytotoxicity

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