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RNApure High Purity Total RNA Fast Extraction Kit ( Spin-column)

DNase I digestion on spin-column not required

50 prep / $ 159    
RNApure Reagent for Blood/ Liquid Samples Total RNA Extraction.

RNApure Reagent) for RNA isolation from whole blood. Add lysis buffer directly to whole blood based on the lysis buffer and sample volume ratio 3:1, in one hour RNA extraction will be finished. The great features of this method are fast and convenient since erythrocytes lysis and leukocytes separation is not needed in this procedure.


100ml / $159
Blood/Liquid samples Total RNA Extraction Kit (Spin-column)

Convenience, no need to lysis erythrocytes and separate leukocytes for isolation total RNA from whole blood.

High Stability RNA yield with high quality adsorbing membrane.

High-purity, specific membrane absorption and wash-elution system ensure to remove protein and other debris.


ØFast, in 30min.
100 prep / $289
microRNA Extraction Kit

MicroRNA can be eluted from silica membrane without ethanol precipitation and dissolve. ØThe buffer MRL contains some special components can clean up the contamination of genomic DNA efficiently.

ØMulti-elution can ensure high-purity microRNA.
50 prep / $239
RNA Long-term Storage Solution

RNA long-term storage solution can keep RNA from degradation in 4 ºC or -20 ºC for one year. 

100ml / $149